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Our Profile

Montanios & Montanios (“M&M”) is one of the oldest, continually operating, law firms in Cyprus with an international practice. For more than seven decades, it has acted on behalf of a wide spectrum of local (Cypriot and expatriate) and overseas clients, both corporate and private. Our Firm has been involved in multiple local and international shipping, corporate, financing and commercial transactions. It has also represented international and local clients in litigation cases before the Cypriot Courts.

In the course of our legal practice, we have gained recognition as one of Cyprus’s leading shipping and admiralty law firms, practising all matters and cases relating to merchant shipping, maritime transport, and ship finance and in both wet and dry cases at the Admiralty Court.

Over time, we have expanded our professional expertise, increasing our legal team to 22 today, covering all aspects of corporate work and commercial transactions.

In the ever-expanding world of legal services, the need for specialisation and expertise is evident, now more than ever. We therefore pride ourselves for having taken the conscious decision to focus our practice on a defined set of practice areas, in order to maintain consistently the high calibre of service that we are in a position to offer and provide with confidence. 

The vast majority of our lawyers have been trained in universities and law schools in England, which we regard as the heart of the Common Law as practised globally in the Commonwealth and beyond.

In Cyprus, as long ago as 1975, M&M helped pioneer the distinction between the professional discipline and work of an Advocate (or Court lawyer or litigator) and that of a Legal Consultant (or non-litigation lawyer) -- approximating to the English distinction between Barrister and Solicitor.

All lawyers in our practice belong to either the Litigation Group or the Legal Consultancy Group. In this way, our professionals are enabled to develop their particular skills, knowledge and expertise in their respective disciplines and fields of the law in order to excel.

Our Vision

In this globally challenging era and the over-regulated business world of today, we at Montanios & Montanios remain focused on the vision of our founder: 

  • To render to our clients, corporate or private, small or big, high quality professional services focusing on our selected areas of specialisation and practice, with hard work, dedication and a sense of personal attachment to the individual case or matter, treating it as if it were our own, irrespective of the day of the week or the hour of the day.
  • To never forget that at the very heart of our firm, our most important asset is our people; to recognise that the bond within our professional family is our greatest strength and to nurture a culture of teamwork, community and a sense of belonging.
  • To preserve the excellent inter-personal relations built in the course of time between the members of our Firm and to recognise that this is key to cultivating the same close relationship with our clients, legal correspondents and business associates.