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Merchant Shipping

Montanios & Montanios provides professional and practical advice, project analysis and assistance to shipyards, owners, ship managers, and to bareboat time and voyage charterers operating in countries all over the world in connection with the construction, purchase, sale, chartering, and ship management of all type of vessels globally.

This core business of our Firm began in 1967 with the registration of one of the first bulk carriers under the Cyprus flag in the early days of the Cyprus Shipping Registry, then operating under the umbrella of the Department of Ports, later the Department of Merchant Shipping, and which now falls under the aegis of the Deputy Ministry of Shipping. Over time, this initial venture into the world of shipping law expanded to embrace all aspects of merchant shipping, including provisional, permanent and parallel registration of all merchant ship categories from barges to offshore oil rigs, as well as yachts and other pleasure craft, both in the Cyprus Register and in international registries worldwide.

Our Shipping Department provides services to our principals in all matters affecting the acquisition and operation of a vessel including, without limitation, compliance with national laws and regulations, the EU’s acquis communautaire and all international conventions acceded to by the Republic of Cyprus, from keel laying to demolition in the scrapyard. Our professional assistance to clients also covers matters of crew, statutory certificates, exemptions under the conventions (where warranted) and the various problems that can arise at port or on the high seas in the pursuit of the maritime venture.